Automotive Applications


Permanently visco-elastic (highly conformable, withstands expansion & contraction)  Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

Visco-elasticity retained at low temperatures - Soft and conformable to -30°C Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

Visco-elasticity retained at high temperatures - Does not flow at 110°C Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

UV Resistant (does not harden with time) Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

Pressure sensitive - no external heat required for application in all situations Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

Excellent sound and vibration absorption over entire product's life Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

Self-healing (if punctured will fuse back to re-create seal as sharp object removed) Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

No Volatile Organic Content in product or used in its manufacture (environmentally safe) Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

Some degree of resistance to organic solvents Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

Long shelf life Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

Will not stain surfaces or leach oils (no messy clean-up) Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

Bonds to all non-porous standard building materials (including HEVAC building wraps) Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

Available in flame retardant versions Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

Available in formats tested for water potability Butyl  YES Bitumen YES

Available in thin gauages down to 0.5mm Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

Compatible with all common acrylic, polyurethane and neutral cure silicone sealants Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

Compatible with acetic cure silicone sealants Butyl NO Bitumen NO

Available in versions compatible with oil/solvent based paints Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

Compatible with water/acrylic based paints Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

Resistant to mildew Butyl  YES Bitumen YES

Application Temperature 5° - 40°C 15° - 30°C Butyl  YES Bitumen NO

Operating Temperature Minus 30° - 80°+C Minus 10° - 55°C Max Butyl  YES Bitumen NO