butyl tape applications, butyl tape sign industry, butyl tape hydroponics
Piping and sealing applications

Butyl Tape Applications

Building and Construction

  • Waterproofing in wetrooms, balconies, windows
  • Sealing of concrete pipework, manholes and rain water drains
  • Sealing internal/external joints in HEVAC piping/ducting
  • Expansion and sealing joints
  • Window Frame gasket seals
  • Preformed seals for metal roofs
  • Flashing Tapes - roofs, roof ridges, guttering, skylights
  • Moisture/Vapour Sealing in Coolrooms
  • Sealing and holding in the water tank industry
  • Lagging of pipes to prevent condensation
  • Repair of cracked concrete
  • Mounting Protection Boards
  • Installation of glazing in wooden windows
  • Installation of Braille Tiles
  • Attaching of Temporary Road Traffic Markers

Rural and Agricultural Applications

  • Joining & Repair of waterproof membranes/dam liners
  • Hydroponics - seals/joins
  • Repair and strengthening of grain covers


  • Sealing of skylights/Roof Panels
  • Vibration absorption
  • Mounting stiffening panels
  • Gasketting/sealing between dissimilar surfaces
  • Marine sealing tape
  • Sound damping and vibration absorption

Sign Industry

  • Outdoor mounting of signs to rendered concrete
  • Joining/mounting Corflute/Corex signs


  • Gutter and roof repair
  • Joining and laying of synthetic grass
  • Patching & Repair of groundsheets/pool liners/inflated toys